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About Inokim

Nimrod Sapir designed the INOKIM scooter and he said. “I was always looking for ways to get to places quickly, get out last and get in first … I had bikes, motorcycles, rollerblades, skateboards …”. Sapir was looking for an innovative solution that would save time, be efficient and green and would not need skill or physical exertion. He came up with the idea of a folding electric scooter which would also solve the problem of “the last mile” for people coming into the city by train, an easy scoot from the railway station to work. Sapir developed INOKIM, an electric scooter with an original folding mechanism that can carry 130 kg for up to 50 kilometers, it folds in three easy movements and with its green technology does not harm the environment. At Escooter you can test-drive and buy the electric push scooters. We have an on site workshop, where you can have a coffee while you wait for any repairs or technical issues.