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Joyor A3 | Electric Scooter

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The Joyor A3 

Joyor A electric scooter series sports a refreshing new design making it a stand out from it’s peers. Refined to create the ultimate of inner-urban personal mobility, the Joyor A3 is one of the lightest of it’s class and is unmatched for it’s power-to-weight ratio.
Checking in at a measly 11kg, it still manages 20-25km on a single charge and can be ready to go in around 4 hours

"Perfect for transport to University, trips to the pub, travelling to the park or in case of license suspension" - Dave Minelle, Owner. 


Battery: 36V

Max Output: 350W

Suspension: Front

Brakes: Electric and Rear Foot

Wheels: 8 Inch Solid Honeycomb

Max Speed: 25km/h

Max Distance 25km

Charge Time: 4-6hrs

Weight: 12.5 Kg

Max Load: 120 Kg