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Freestyler | Electric Folding Bike

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The Cheapest Introductory Electric Folding Bike in 2021.

The Freestyler is in-store now and is here to get you where you want to be, in the most affordable package we have to offer.

This is one of the smallest, lightest yet highly efficient foldable e-bike on the market.

Packed with a 250W motor, combined with a large cell Samsung 6.6AH battery, this e-bike will get you around 25km of mileage per charge and reach a top speed of 32 km/hr (on private property only).

Although its modest size, the Freestyler still boasts a 120kg weight limit, meaning that the electric bike could be the perfect match for a wide variety or riders!

Combined with its high portability and performance, this e-bike is the perfect tool for your commuting needs. Check out the full list of specs below;


  • Unit Size - L130 x D35 x H93 to 110cm
  • Foldable Size - 60 x 35 x 65cm
  • Frame Material - High Strength Aluminium alloy
  • Colour - Black/Red
  • Motor Power - DC 36V 250W Brushless motor
  • Control System - 5 Pedal Assist Power Levels, Full Power Assist
  • Max Load - 120kg
  • Tire Size - 14in
  • Battery - Samsung 6.6AH
  • Max Speed - 25km/h, Unlockable to 32km/h
  • Max Mileage Per Charge - 20 to 25km
  • Max Climb Angle - 25o
  • Net Weight - 17kg


  • 2020 Freestyler's 3rd Gen 14inch Folding e-bike
  • Unlockable to 32km/h Top Speed
  • Powerful 250W DC Brushless Hub Motor
  • Full Light Weight Aluminium Alloy Construction
  • Adjustable Handle and Seat Height
  • Massive 6.6AH Li-ion Battery
  • Dual Mode - Pedal Assist/Full Auto
  • Folds & Unfolds in Easy 2 Steps
  • Ultra Small Footprint While Folded
  • LCD Controller
  • Front LED Head Light
  • Pedestrian Horn
  • Effective Dual Disc Brake
  • Shock Dampening Via Tire & Seat Cushion
  • Rear Racking (Optional Upgrade) Suitable for Delivery