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Inokim Quick 4+ | Electric Scooter

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The next best innovation in Urban Electric Scooter. 

Much like its predecessor, the Quick 4+ boasts a similar ergonomic frame to the Quick 3+, with quick release folding, adjustable handlebar height and 10" Pneumatic Tyres. This is where the similarities between the Quick 3+ and 4+ end, however, with the Quick 4+ possessing upgrades and innovation in almost every other technological aspect. 


Full Suspension:

That's right, front and rear suspension has finally worked its way out of the OX range and made it's way down the line. For the first time ever, the Quick 4+ boasts full front and rear arm suspension, which makes this scooter infinitely more comfortable to ride and shred on.


As a first in the Inokim line of E-scooters, the Quick 4+ possesses a brand-new, ergonomic LCD design, with a brighter display, and more information available. This makes day-to-day riding more comfortable for the rider, with the larger display proving to me much more visible to the average rider.


The Quick 4+ has almost double the wattage than its predecessor with a hefty 600 Watt rear motor, allowing the device to reach top speeds of 50 km/hr - and variable speed settings for riding off private property.


The battery in the Quick 4+ has also been upgraded to a Samsung 52v, 16AH Lithium-Ion battery, allowing the scooter to travel up to 70km on one charge. With a larger battery, comes a heavier scooter - however, the Inokim team has engineered this beast to be only 4kg heavier than its counterpart, weighing in at 21kg. 


While the Quick 3+ boasted a rear disc brake, and front v-brake - the engineering team at Inokim realised that the disc added additional, un-needed weight to the device. A front and rear Drum brake was chosen for this iteration to keep weight down, and these new brakes surprisingly work more effectively than the disc and v-brake combo.



Weight 21.5kg
Top Speed 25kmh Legislated (Private Property 50kmh)
Battery 52V | 16Ah Lithium-Ion
Motor 600 Watts Brushless Gear Motor
Charge Time 7hrs for full charge
Top Range 70km
Road Lights Front and Rear integral Lights
Brakes Rear Drum | Front Drum
Tires Front and Rear 10" pneumatic tires
Dimensions Open 113x57x120cm | Folded 110x25x55cm
Structural Material Aluminum 6061 T6
Max Load 120kg
LCD Display Built-in Handlebars with functions & illumination