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Fiido D11 | 20" Folding Electric Bike

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One of the most accessible Folding Urban Electric Bike.

The D11 is built for portability, style, and range. It's simplistic design is not indicative of its complex engineering, with a removeable 36v, 11.6AH battery (allowing maximum 100km  range) built into the seat-post, and its ergonomic modular folding design. 


Removeable battery seat-post


Folding Fiido D11


Cased in the rear 20" wheel is the 250w brushless gear motor allowing the power to climb steeper hills with lower energy consumption. With 7 assist modes, you can let the motor assist with your riding, or do it all for you.

The ergonomic folding style is designed to fit in the trunk of most cars, which makes it easy to get in and out of office buildings.

Working late? No worries, the front and rear lights make this bike perfect for late afternoon, evening rides.